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Founded by Olivier and Apple in 2016, OA+ is a small independent game studio based in New York City. We believe that people are truly the foundation of each creation, and our goal is to make games that reflect the creativity and personality of their creators.


Ouroboros is our first game and our first steps into this adventure. We hope you’ll enjoy the game and continue to follow us as we create future projects.

Game Creator

Olivier loves to play games and watch how people play games (often spending too much time on Twitch, to be honest). He enjoys all things delicious and listening to Joe Rogan.


Visual Designer


Apple is the visual powerhouse behind the work at OA+. She’s extremely creative and her organization skills border on OCD. She loves to travel, eat cakes, and pet alpacas.


Special Thanks

We’d like to thank our friends and family for their continuous support in this adventure. OA+ represents our hard work and the endless support of all the ones involved.

We’d also like to thank everyone who’s playing our game. We wouldn’t be working on projects like this if it weren’t for players like you.


OA+ is completely independent and self-funded, which allows us to have full control over our creations. This is only possible thanks to your help.


We can’t thank you enough for playing our game.

Furthermore, if you want to help us, we accept and appreciate any size donations. These will directly contribute to the creation of our future projects.


And please feel free to email us with any comments, suggestions, or feedback.

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